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Nokia Commits To N9 And MeeGo

David Gilbert


Nokia N9 MeeGo

Nokia seems to have been doing everything in its power to scupper the good press it received after the launch of the N9 by failing to confirm it would be supporting the MeeGo platform for any length of time – but now one Nokia employee has given users some hope.

Nokia's head of portfolio management, Klas Strom, has used Twitter to help ease the worries of those already using the N9 and those looking forward to getting their hands on the handset. His tweet said: “We will support #NokiaN9 for years AND release several SW updates…. #nottoworry :)” This will come as good news to all those who worried that with the Finnish giant was going to forget about the platform now that it has jumped into bed with Microsoft.

Klas Strom Twitter MeeGo NokiaN9

The N9 doesn’t look as if it is going to be coming to the UK, but we’re sure that some MeeGo enthusiasts will manage to get their hands on the good-looking handset and support from Nokia will be a welcome addition. Nokia recently handed over support and development of its other OS, Symbian, to Accenture - which should ensure it will be properly supported for years to come. The first Windows Phone handset from Nokia probably won’t be launched until September/October (possibly at IFA) but CEO Stephen Elop did recently give us a glimpse of what it (codenamed Sea Ray) may look like.

With Nokia going through a huge transition at the moment, it would not have been surprising if MeeGo was a casualty but this tweet from Strom should give some solace to those looking forward to using the platform.

Source: Klas Strom (Twitter)

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