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Nokia Champagne Uncovered As New WP7 Phone

David Gilbert


Nokia Champagne Uncovered As New WP7 Phone

A new Windows Phone 7 handset, called the Nokia Champagne, has been uncovered in the US by an app used to find other WP7 users in your locality.

The Nokia Champagne is a completely new name for a Nokia WP7 handset but as we know with mobile phone names, this could be a code name for a phone we already know about, such as a US version of the Nokia Lumia 710.

The discovery was made using an app called I’m a WP7, something similar to Apple's Find My Friends app or Google Latitude. This app has previously thrown up the HTC Ultimate moniker which turned out to be the HTC Titan.

The Nokia Champagne was first spotted on 25 October running the Tango version of WP7, the next update to the current Mango version of the software.

Unfortunately there’s no further information to be gleaned from the app but with Nokia phones not heading Stateside until next year, it certainly is interesting for WP7 fans who are looking forward to getting their hands on a new Nokia device.

Source: WP Central

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