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Nokia appeals for Instagram Windows Phone 8 app launch

Luke Johnson


Nokia appeals for Instagram Windows Phone 8 app launch

Nokia has launched an appeal for Instagram to bring its much loved photo enhancing and sharing application to the Windows Phone 8 platform, releasing its own app in a bid to encourage the developer to act.

Entitled #2InstaWithLove, the Nokia made imaging application mimics one on Instagram’s most loved features, allowing users to take photos and add an aged polaroid style filter to the image before sharing it with friends. All snaps captured with the new app are emblazoned with the slogan #2InstaWithLove.

“Many of you have asked when Instagram will be coming to Windows Phone,” an official Nokia spokesperson stated. “The #2InstaWithLove app was created as a way for you to have your voice heard.”

A somewhat desperate plea to try secure the backing of a single, albeit globally popular application, Nokia has claimed that “it is all about showing Instagram just how passionate the Windows Phone community is.”

Whilst Instagram has yet to express any plans to launch its own official Instagram Windows Phone 8 app, it has been rumoured that Microsoft, creator of the Windows Phone platform has been making its own rendition of the in-demand application. Although said to be in development, Microsoft would require official permission from Instagram to launch such an application.

With an Instagram Windows Phone 8 app still up in the air, the photo tweaking specialist recently confirmed it is working on an Instagram BlackBerry 10 app with the service set to land later this month.

“Instagram will definitely be coming to BlackBerry 10,” sources stated recently. The insiders added: “While no formal announcement was made this week about Instagram coming to BlackBerry, we did get word that BlackBerry is engaged in the process with Instagram right now.”

Although Instagram does not feature on the platform’s app roster, Nokia, speaking at MWC 2013, recently confirmed that there are now 130,000 Windows Phone 8 apps available through the Windows Phone Marketplace.

“Today we are proud to announce that we have achieved the level of 130,000 Windows Phone 8 applications,” Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said. “That’s 130,000 applications tailor made for the Windows Phone experience.”

Are you a Windows Phone 8 handset owner? Is Instagram the app you would most like to see hit the platform or is there something else atop your wish list? Let us know via the TrustedReviews Twitter and Facebook feeds or through the comment boxes below.

Via: TheVerge

Jonathan Griffiths

March 7, 2013, 5:00 pm

really needed this app to be available for the window 7 phones really fancied it, guess i'll have to change phones again if it becomes available on windows 8......


March 7, 2013, 7:40 pm

"“Many of you have asked"... The 10 people stupid enough to get lumbered with a Windows Phone you mean...

There is a reason why nobody develops for Windows Phone, it's a dead platform with declining marketshare.


March 7, 2013, 8:32 pm

Windows 8 platform is great - and the camera on the Lumia 920 is fantastic - works better than any android or apple phones in low light. instagram not needed - there's already lomogram which is very good, particularly when you factor in the better camera, maps, free music, free office and fresher OS


March 7, 2013, 8:52 pm

There's a ton of 3rdpary Instagram apps on Windows Phone today. Unfortunately Instagram does not allow uploads from 3rdparty apps, so they are view and comment only.
I disagree that Windows Phone is dead. It's still rising in market share, albeit slowly. It's good to see Nokia taking a viral marketing approach to hear the voices of its customers.

Jeffrey Balindres

March 23, 2013, 2:53 am

i acquired Nokia Lumia 620 windows 8 platform, well i guess it will be nice to have instagram on windows apps especially that my company is switching to Nokia Windows phone rather than BBM, 8 new Nokia Lumia 620 where bought by my company to issue to us service engineers and the phone is great ^^,

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