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Nokia Android phone tipped for 2014 launch

Sam Loveridge


Nokia 'Normandy' Android smartphone
Nokia 'Normandy' Android smartphone range

The Nokia Android phone has been tipped for a 2014 launch from another source.

Rumours surrounding the Nokia “Normandy” Android phone have been escalating of late, with the latest seemingly confirming a 2014 launch for the device.

According to the image released by notorious tech tipster @evleaks, the Nokia Android phone will launch in 2014 in a wide range of colours, running a Windows Phone 8 style iteration of Android.

The picture above came only with the caption “Nokia Normandies, 2014”, so unfortunately there’s still not much information, specs-wise, on the Nokia Android smartphone.

Preliminary specs were released by @evleaks earlier in January, with AnTuTu benchmarks suggesting the device will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 5-megapixel rear camera and run the latest Android 4.4.1 KitKat OS.

Unlike devices like the Google Nexus 5 that run vanilla Google Android, the Nokia Android phone will have a heavy UI that makes the OS look a lot more like Windows Phone 8 than any other manufacturer’s UX.

Earlier this month the first images of the Nokia Android UI emerged, suggesting that the device will feature calendar, call and message notification previews on the lock screen.

Unlike Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 Lumia range, the Android smartphone only has one soft touch button at the bottom of the phone, rather than the usual three. This has been supported by a number of the Normandy images that have appeared online.

The single back button suggests that the rest of the controls will be accessed by the phone’s touchscreen.

Nokia’s first Android phone is expected to be a Nokia Asha equivalent with access to more traditional apps that aren’t available on a Windows Phone device. This has always been something the company has struggled with for its Asha line.

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January 14, 2014, 1:49 pm

Dear God, let this be true. I just bought a 1020 which I promptly updated to 'Black' update
Here's a list of problems I have encountered so far (every day brings more surprises, though)...
battery life significantly worse than N9 running under similar conditions (2.5 times worse)
vital apps missing from phone
only a few listed under 'Nokia Collection'
the rest (Nokia apps) have to be searched for manually
these apps have to be updated after system update
core features (SMS filter, call blocking, network settings, glance, display etc.) have to be updated by downloading apps that have to be manually searched for
no universal search
mp3's don't play unless imported through Windows Phone App
have to manually scroll through song collection, can't search alphabetically
the only way to access the music player is by going back to the app (unless you go back to the lock screen)
there's no track list you can access when playing music, you have to manually move backward and forward one track at a time while you listen
duplicate photo's and music are synced to the phone

(to be continued, no doubt)


January 14, 2014, 9:51 pm

Yeah I dumped Windows Phone last month because of DOZENS of bugs and missing features. Got a cheap Moto G and it runs rings round my Lumia 1020. Too many problems with WP and not enough apps :/

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