Android Oreo beta update hints the Nokia 9 could have a dual lens camera array

The Nokia 9 flagship phone from HMD could come with an optical-zoom equipped dual lens camera, setting it up to have some solid smartphone photography credentials.

An update to the camera app in the Android Oreo beta update for the Nokia 5 contains references to camera features that aren’t available on HMD’s current line up of Nokia-branded handsets, according to an update teardown by GSMArena.

There’s mentions of a wide-angle photography option and 2x telephoto zoom, both of which typically require dual lens camera arrays in smartphones.

While the Nokia 8 has a dual camera setup it doesn’t support such photography options, which would suggest that the update is in preparation for the next Nokia flagship, slated for a January 9 official reveal in China alongside a 2018 version of the Nokia 8.

While HMD’s current line up of Nokia handsets offer decent phones at mid-range prices, the company has yet to have a true flagship-killer phone along the lines of the OnePlus 5T for example.

With some proper camera chops, the Nokia 9 could change that and make it a desirable device in the face of a some of the top Android phones we’ve seen this year.

That being said the Nokia 9 looks to be launching in the same month as potential reveals of the LG G7 and possibly Samsung’s Galaxy S9, alongside other headline-making devices at CES 2018. So the Nokia 9 could face some very stiff completion for the attention of Android phone fans; we’ll have to wait an see if it can stand up to the power of its rivals.

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