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Nokia 800 Teased In Official Ad

David Gilbert


Nokia 800 Teased In Official Ad

Last week we saw some unofficial leaked images of the upcoming Nokia Windows Phone line-up, but over the weekend, eagled-eyed viewers will have spotted teaser ads for the Nokia 800 ahead of its launch in two days time.

The Nokia 800, formally known as the Sea Ray, is set to be very similar to the N9 handset which has been released in a limited number of countries, and teaser ads, which were aired on ITV in the UK on Saturday and Sunday during the X-Factor and Harry Hills TV Burp, seem to confirm this.

The fact that Nokia would preview one of its handsets prior to it being officially launched indicates that the Finnish company will be making a big push with the new Windows Phone handsets, looking at them as its last chance to make a serious impact in the smartphone market.

Nokia World will be taking place in London in two days time, and when CEO, Stephen Elop, takes to the stage at 9am on Wednesday morning all indications point to a trio of Windows Phone handsets being unveiled, with the Nokia Sabre and Nokia Ace joining the 800.

The teaser adverts themselves don’t give away much detail about the new phone, except that the styling does indeed look very similar to the N9 – which we say is no bad thing.

While the video here is 12 seconds long, the teasers were in fact just couple of seconds long, and have been pasted together by the guys at MyNokiaBlog. com.

We will, of course, be on the ground at Nokia World to bring you all the latest news as it happens and give our opinion on Nokia’s first Windows Phone handsets when we finally get our hands on them.

Source: MyNokiaBlog.com

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