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Nintendo Will Unveil Wii 2 On 7 June

David Gilbert


Nintendo Will Unveil Wii 2 On 7 June

It was only a matter of time before Nintendo came out and confirmed the existence of the follow up to the Wii – and we’ll only have to wait until the beginning of June to get a glimpse of the future.

At the end of last week we reported on numerous rumours doing the rounds about the Wii 2 and yesterday, Nintendo decided to do away with rumour and speculation and confirmed the imminent arrival of the next generation console or Project Café as it is codenamed. In a brief statement, Nintendo said the console will be released next year, though a “playable version” will be available at the computer games trade show E3 on 7 June in Los Angeles. The announced came as Nintendo announced its financial results for the first quarter of 2011 and the company included the total shipment figures for the original Wii console. Since its launch in 2006, Nintendo has shipped just over 86 million units of the motion control console.

No other details were announced about the console, though in an interview with Bloomberg, President Satoru Iwata hinted that the new console would not follow its latest handheld console down the 3D route. “We would like to propose a new approach to home video game consoles” with the Wii successor, Iwata said, without elaborating. “It’s difficult to make 3-D images a key feature, because 3-D televisions haven’t obtained wide acceptance yet.” So if it’s going to innovate but not with 3D, it means we could be looking at something even more interesting.

We don’t have long to wait to see what the guys at Nintendo have in store for us and we’ll be keeping an eye on all things Nintendo as the 7 June announcement approaches.

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