Nintendo Wii U price slashed to just £149

A new round of Nintendo Wii U price cuts have been kicked off by supermarket giant Asda, with the PS4 rival now costing just £149.

The second time the retailer has slashed the Nintendo Wii U price this year, Asda has cut a further £50 off the recently released console, making the PS3 and Xbox 360 challenger and full £100 cheaper than its original pricing at launch shortly before last year’s Christmas period.

Having suffered from continually low sales figures, the Nintendo Wii U Basic model is now priced £149, with the Premium edition console, which comes with an additional controller dock and a copy of the Nintendo Land game, setting wannabe owners back £199. Having originally launched at £299, the Premium console had previously been reduced to £249 back in May.

With Nintendo confirming earlier this week that it missed annual profit targets by 50 per cent, the company’s president, Satoru Iwata, suggested that slow Wii U sales have been caused by struggles communicating the benefits of the console to consumers.

“We have not been able to solidly communicate the product value of Wii U to our consumers yet, which has been a grand challenge for us,” he said.

“Some have the misunderstanding that Wii U is just Wii with a pad for games, and others even consider Wii U GamePad as a peripheral device connectable to Wii. We feel deeply responsible for not having tried hard enough to have consumers understand the product.”

With Nintendo Wii U price cuts having been called for shortly after launch following unexpectedly low sales, a number of retailers previously called for Nintendo to drop its hardware prices.

Speaking back in May Jonathan Hayes, Games Buying Manager at Tesco stated: “Wii U has not caught the public’s imagination yet. [We need] a big marketing push to clearly communicate what Wii U is all about.”

His comments were echoed by the founder of Xbite Nick Whitehead who added: “Both the machine and software prices are too high to compete. The price point needs looking at but this alone will not fix the issue.”

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Via: CVG