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Nintendo Switch Stock UK: Where can I buy one?


Nintendo Switch

The long-awaited Nintendo Switch games console went on sale today, and it looks like units are flying off the shelves – both real and digital.

Update: Amazon now has just four units left of the Nintendo Switch (Neon Red/Neon Blue), so if you want one, you better act quickly!

We’ve scoured the web to find out where the Nintendo Switch is still in stock, as well as some of the places where you simply can’t get it any more.

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Amazon – Extremely limited stock

The Nintendo Switch is still available on Amazon, but only in Neon Red/Neon Blue. Worse still, there are only four left at the time of writing – so they may all be gone by the time you read this.

If you want a grey version, Amazon won’t have fresh stock until Mach 6.

Buy Now: Nintendo Switch at Amazon UK

GAME – None left, no re-stock date

Game is now out of stock, unsurprisingly; and there’s no word on when fresh stock will arrive. Here’s Game’s official notice:

“At this time we have not received official confirmation of the next stock delivery of this product. We are working extremely hard with Nintendo to receive more stock of the Nintendo Switch for customers.”

It continues: “Until we have our stock delivery confirmed by Nintendo, a placeholder date of December 2017 has been put onto this product. This can change once the delivery of stock has been confirmed and the status of your order will charge accordingly.”

Buy Now: Nintendo Switch at GAME

Argos – Depends on location

Argos doesn’t list nationwide stock, so you’ll have to manually check whether you can pick one up or get a delivery from your local store using their postcode checker. Some London stores still have stock, for what it’s worth.

Buy Now: Nintendo Switch at Argos

Nintendo Switch

Smyths – Both colours in stock

The Smyths toy store is still listing both colour variants of the Nintendo Switch as in-stock and available for delivery. In fact, the Neon Red/Blue model is apparently up for March 3, 2017 delivery – but that’s today, so we’re not entirely convinced.

Buy Now: Nintendo Switch at Smyths

Zavvi – Completely sold out

There’s no stock available in either colour at Zavvi, and there’s no mention of when new stock is incoming.

Buy Now: Nintendo Switch at Zavvi

Tesco – Depends on location

It appears as though Tesco still has some Nintendo Switch units in stock although, like Argos, this may depend on your location – and whether you’re looking for collection or delivery. Try your luck with Tesco’s postcode checker.

Buy Now: Nintendo Switch at Tesco

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March 6, 2017, 7:46 pm

This is absolutely absurd. I preordered my Switch from Zavvi on the 14th of January, just a mere couple of days after it was officially available to preorder. They emailed me last week to say that it will only be available as a first come first served basis, and said they'd do their best to have my Switch come on the day but they still haven't dispatched it. But surely I would have been one of those first served customers?! They emailed me again yesterday to apologise for the delay and will look into why it hasn't been dispatched yet but I'm getting impatient. Everywhere else the Switch is either out of stock or really hard to come by. They just didn't make enough consoles for demand. Or, limited the stock far too much for all UK outlets. Ridiculous!

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