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Nintendo Switch: Everything we know


nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch – What is it?

Nintendo Switch is the new games console from Nintendo, splicing together a traditional home console with a device that can be taken and played on the go.

Switch was recently revealed in a swanky three minute video showcasing the system’s new tablet controller and attachments.

Over the past few months the internet has been swamped with rumours claiming the Switch is a console/handheld hybrid, and it turns out it was all true. The debut trailer reveals an intense focus on portability, local multiplayer and impressive, engrossing gameplay.

"Introducing Nintendo Switch! In addition to providing single and multiplayer thrills at home, the Nintendo Switch system also enables gamers to play the same title wherever, whenever and with whomever they choose. The mobility of a handheld is now added to the power of a home gaming system to enable unprecedented new video game play styles," says Nintendo.

Since its reveal, GAME CEO Martyn Gibbs has given his opinion on the console.

“As today’s teaser video demonstrates, the SWITCH is another example of Nintendo differentiating its gaming experiences to appeal to a broad array of gamers. Nintendo has consistently developed home consoles and handheld gaming to see its beloved and engaging games and characters deliver ultimate fun and enjoyment. SWITCH is clearly taking some of the best features of handheld and home consoles and merging them into a fantastic new way to play. We will be bringing more details to our customers as soon as possible.”

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nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch release date – When is it coming out?

The NX is set to launch in March 2017. Nintendo is yet to confirm a specific date.

Nintendo Switch price – How much will it cost?

We still have no idea how much the console will cost, but hopefully this will be revealed before the end of 2016. With all the potential attachments and controllers, don't be surprised to see a bunch of different bundles at launch

Nintendo Switch Specs – How powerful is it?

Nintendo Switch is powered by Nvidia. More specifically, it contains a custom Tegra Processor with a GPU akin to architecture found in some of the company's top-notch graphics cards. Nintendo isn’t playing around anymore, it seems. At home, the Switch sits in a "Nintendo Switch Dock" which is used to connect to your TV. Once removed from the dock it will automatically transition to portable mode.

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The reveal trailer also gave us a glimpse at the new and improved gamepad, which will be rechargeable through the console itself and capable of accepting cartridges: Switch’s primary form of physical media when it comes to games. As previously rumoured, the gamepad's screen will render at a native 720p, and can be used to project any and all games to your TV of choice.

nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch will include two detachable controllers known as ‘Joy-Cons’ which can be used as part of the portable tablet or during local multiplayer. Just like the gamepad, these will be charged through the console itself. Each side of the Joy-Con can act as individual controller for each player, making quick and sudden multiplayer sessions a relative breeze.

"One player can use a Joy-Con controller in each hand; two players can each take one; or multiple Joy-Con can be employed by numerous people for a variety of gameplay options," Nintendo said in a press release.

Nintendo Switch games – What will we get to play?

Nintendo Switch will launch with exclusive and multiplatform games in March 2017, some of which were shown off in the reveal trailer. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Skyrim, NBA 2K and Mario all featured, so expect them to be available at or near the console's launch.

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Some Wii U titles such as Splatoon and Mario Kart 8 also made an appearance. This means Nintendo Switch must support some manner of backwards compatibility, most likely in the form of digital purchases or fancy ports. It’s clear Nintendo’s new console is fully capable of powering some fairly demanding titles, meaning it’s likely on par with PS4 and Xbox One in terms of raw power.

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Nintendo has released a confirmed list of developers and publishers supporting Switch including Capcom, Telltale, Activision and Electronic Arts. You can find a more extensive list of partners below.

nintendo switch

What do you think of Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments.

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