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Nintendo 3DS Sales Better Than DS

David Gilbert


Nintendo 3DS Sales Better Than DS

Despite all the reported problems related to the Nintendo 3DS, it has sold more units than the very popular DS did in the same period.

Nintendo has announced that it has sold 6.68 million units of its latest handheld console, a figure which is only ever so slightly ahead of the DS over a similar time period (6.65m if you're interested). The 3DS has been on sale in Japan for seven months and in the US and Europe for a month less than that.

There were concerns over the sales levels of the 3DS earlier in the year and as a result Nintendo slashed the price of the console which is currently available for around £120, down from £200 at the time of launch.

In the first three months only 710,000 3DS consoles were sold, but the combination of an uplift in sales and the price cut have led to far healthier figures at this stage.

The figures were released during Nintendo’s latest earnings report where it posted a loss of around £575m for the first six months of 2011. That figure is significantly more than that the £16 million loss reported during the same period last year.

The poor results were blamed on a strengthened yen and poor demand for the 3DS in the first half of the year.

And it looks like things won’t get any better any time soon with Nintendo slashing its financial predictions for the rest of the year, predicting a net loss of around £160m which doesn’t compare well with a predicted profit of £160m annoucned in July .

It could signal the first full year loss in 30 years for the Japanese gaming giant.

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