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Nikon Unveils Four Concept Cameras

David Gilbert


Multi-Ball Nikon

We’ve seen concept cars of the future and even planes of the future, and now Nikon has given us a glimpse at what it thinks will be the future of digital cameras.

At a science and industry exhibition in France, entitled Hello Demain (or Hello Tomorrow), Nikon unveiled four concept designs which could be the future of photography – then again we may never see them appear again. Considering the gap between the unveiling of the first Nikon digital camera at Photokina at 1986 and its appearance on store shelves 13 years later as the D1, we may have to wait some time to see these cameras in our homes. The most striking new design is something called the Multi-ball (see above), which is a transparent sphere containing multiple lenses. Nikon says it can capture not only the images its sees but also the "atmosphere of a scene." Nice.

Large Screen Camera Nikon

Next up is a big screen camera (above), which has adjustable handles on either side of a large 6in LCD screen. We’re not sure the point of having such a large screen if the camera itself is not up to scratch but we’re sure Nikon has thought of this. Next up is a fully customizable SLR camera (below) which lets you not only swap lenses, but the grip and LCD screen too, to create a camera ideal for you. Finally there’s the i-Ball, which looks very much like a current webcam but considering it has been grouped in with the rest of these concept devices we’re sure Nikon has something interesting to add.

SLR Nikon

As we said, we may never get to use these cameras but it’s always nice to have a look at what may be coming our way in the near future.

Nikon i-Ball

Source: Nikon Hub via Engadget

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