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NFL Now on demand service touches down on Apple TV


NFL Now hit iOS and Android recently

The National Football League’s video on demand service, NFL Now, has thrown up a Hail Mary with a roll out on the Apple TV set top box.

The portal, which launched on iOS, Android and Windows Phone earlier this month, offers team-centric news, game highlights, press conferences and the like, with the League promising no two users’ experience will be the same.

For $1.99 (£1.49) a month subscribers can upgrade to NFL Now Plus, which brings access to instant in-game highlights and full, on demand access to the hefty and rather good NFL Films vault.

The app is even better value for some international users outside of the US and the UK who can pay $5 (around £3) a month for a live Redzone stream with NFL Now Plus.

Redzone shows all of the key action from the day's games live in a multi-screen format, ensuring viewers never miss a score. It's a shame Brits can't access that element of the service, but it's likely to do with the League's agreement with Sky TV, which includes red button access to Redzone.

Apple TV users with iOS devices could already benefit from the app due to the AirPlay compatibility, but the launch of a native app certainly improves the experience.

The launch finally sees the NFL fully embrace the on demand mobile era. Until NFL Now arrived on the scene it was the only one of the major U.S. sports that lacked a real on demand offering.

MLB.TV, NBA.TV and the National Hockey League app all provide great on-demand offerings for Apple TV owners, allowing users to tune into live games with a monthly or annual subscription.

The NFL still isn’t offering live games on demand, but perhaps NFL Now is a step in the right direction for those seeking to cut the cable and eschew traditional television services.

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August 21, 2014, 9:01 am

The NFL does offer live games on demand.
Their Game Pass subscription does exactly that, all the games from all the teams including the ability to view any match since 2009, also it has various NFL TV shows including Hard Knocks and the aforementioned RedZone stream.

It's best on a PC but it has good smartphone and tablet support.

It's not cheap (up to £130 a year), and it desperately needs a native app for consoles/smart TV boxes etc. but overall it is a really good service that I've been happily using for years.

Only 2 weeks to go before the start of the regular season... yay!

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