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Next Apple Watch could be round-faced and Moto is bailing on watches


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Motorola is reportedly bowing out of the smartwatch market and will not pursue a release under the Android Wear 2.0 banner.

Shakil Barkat, the head of global product development at Moto, told The Verge there isn’t “enough pull in the market to put [a new smartwatch] out at this time.”

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This comes following a number of Moto 360 releases that flattered to deceive amid very high expectations.

The original Moto 360 was expected to be a standard bearer for Android Wear, but initial excitement failed to translate into sales.

The follow up devices, the Moto 360 2 and Moto 360 Sport, addressed some of the initial gripes but have not proved critical or commercial hits.

Meanwhile, those seeking a replacement for Moto in the realm of circular-faced smartwatches could soon be considering the Apple Watch.

A pair of newly published patent filings (1, 2) suggest Apple is considering mixing up the form factor for its watchOS-powered wristwatch.

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According to the filings (via Apple Insider) entitled "electronic device having display with curved edges," there would be little different to the existing screen beyond the change in shape.

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Would you prefer an Apple Watch with a circular face, a la the Samsung Gear 3? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


December 2, 2016, 5:55 am

I wouldn't buy another Apple Watch if you held a gun to my head. To release a Series 2 with waterproofing barely 12 months after the first launch is an insult to every consumer that bought one.

Tea EarlGreyHot

December 2, 2016, 7:45 am

I have never got anything 1 from Apple. Always 2 or 3.

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