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X-Men Film Gets NFC Advertising

David Gilbert


New X-Men Film Uses NFC Advertising

Last week we brought you news that Orange and Barclay's Bank were collaborating to bring NFC payments to mobile phones, and today we see another company making use of the contactless technology.

Anyone with an NFC-enabled mobile phone will be able to interact with a series of posters advertising the new X-Men First Class film with is released next weekend. The poster campaign features an exclusive movie trailer and a link to the X-Men film’s Facebook ‘Like’ page, which is accessed by tapping an NFC-enabled smartphone on poster sites around London. Each site has a pre-programmed NFC chip affixed to the rear of the poster. Proxama, an NFC solutions provider, last month announced that it was collaborating with Nokia on developing NFC-enabled phone applications for the new generation of smart phones – despite no Nokia phone currently having NFC compatibility.


While this is certainly a good idea, the number of people who will be able to take advantage of it will be limited to people living in London and owning an NFC handset - which aren't exactly ubiquitous at the moment. However it is expected that NFC will be adopted by many brands in forthcoming months who want to deliver ‘hyper-local’ marketing campaigns. Neil Garner, founder and CEO of Proxama, said: "It is really rewarding to see NFC technology coming of age with the first public marketing campaign being launched.” James Davies, Director at Hyperspace, Posterscope’s innovation and digital division said: “For the client the cost of each NFC chip is extremely low and the consumer receives instant fulfilment. The potential application of this technology is immense.”

The possibilities NFC does offer, not only for contactless payment, but campaigns such as these are only now being fully investigated and we can expect many more innovations like this in the coming months and years.

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