New OnePlus 6 teaser image delivers more than meets the eye

Another day, another massive OnePlus 6 teaser. The Chinese firm has posted a new image of its forthcoming flagship on Twitter as the countdown to launch continues.

The new image shows the OnePlus 6 beneath the existing OnePlus 5T, showcasing what the company calls a ‘refined’ design.

The image is accompanied by the caption: “More immersion in a refined form factor. Are you ready for the #OnePlus6?”

The photo suggests the OnePlus 6 might be slightly longer and wider than its predecessor, but it’s difficult to know for sure from this image. We can also see that the alert slider appears to have swapped sides with the SIM tray.

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Twitter user @TrobuHD, who edited the image looking for more details, appeared to discover OnePlus has been having a little fun with the would-be social media forensics teams.

After editing the image he discovered a link ( hiding at the foot of the phone, which appears to promise a tantalising glimpse of the new handset. Alas, it does not.

There’s still no news on the official launch date, but we’re starting to think word will drop any day now.

Replying to one curious twitter user, the One Plus Support account wrote: “We currently have no information to share regarding the launch date. Kindly stay tuned to our official channels from time to time for any updates or announcements.”

We already know the phone will arrive with the Snapdragon 845 processor, with the top model offering 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

It will also offer an iPhone X-style notch, which users will be able to hide from view using the software to black out the exposed areas of the display.

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