New Nest Protect could save you money on your home insurance

Nest has refreshed its Nest Protect smoke alarm, with the new model boasting the ability to save you money on your home insurance.

Tied in to the newly announced Nest Safety Rewards programme, the second-gen Nest Protect is safer and smaller than its predecessor, with a new split-spectrum sensor boasting the ability to better detect both fast- and slow-burning fires.

With a footprint 11 per cent smaller than its predecessor, the new Nest Protect – which will launch in both wired and battery forms in the UK on 18 June – also benefits from a new Steam Check feature and App Silence – the ability to cull false alarms via the accompanying smartphone app.

It will set wannabe owners back £89, but moving forward this cost could be offset by insurance savings.

Like the company’s tie-ins with energy firms on its thermostat, the new Nest Protect can be acquired through insurance firms, with use of the smoke and carbon-dioxide detector helping save up to 5 per cent off your premiums.

This feature will be exclusive to the US at launch, but Nest has suggested the benefits could be rolled out to wider markets – including the UK – soon.

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As well as unveiling the second-gen Protect and new Nest Cam security camera, the company detailed the latest software improvements to its beloved Nest Thermostat.

“We have changed the conversation about the connected home,” Nest co-founder and CEO Tony Fadell said at the San Francisco-based launch event. He added: “Today, we are going to take another big step. We are going to refresh our entire product line.”

Improvements to the Thermostat – the product that put Nest on the map – include improved cross communication with users’ Protect units and temperature range safety alerts.

The over-the-air software patch will start rolling out with immediate effect and will be available for all first and second-gen thermostat users over the coming two weeks.