The MacBook Air is on borrowed time as Apple is expected to replace it with a 13-inch MacBook

Apple’s MacBook Air could be nearing the end of its life as a 13-inch MacBook could be on Cupertino’s cards to replace it.

That’s according to sources familiar with Apple’s Mac supply chain, who tipped-off Digitimes, noting that a larger MacBook could replace the 13-inch MacBook Air in the second half of 2018.

Rumours of the MacBook Air’s death have been circulating for some time. While its design can arguably be credited to giving rise to ultraportable laptops, the Air hasn’t had a proper redesign since its inception.

It was thought that the 12-inch MacBook, which is slimmer yet comes with a sharp Retina display, would kill-off the MacBook Air.

But last year the 13-inch MacBook Air, the only remaining Air model, got a minor hike in specification, notably with newer Intel processors. But really nothing much changed in the ultraportable other than its performance.

As such, Apple is well-due a major Air redesign or the removal of it completely from its laptop lineup. The latter would make more sense especially as a larger MacBook with a decent Intel mobile processor would likely keep pace with a similarly specced Air.

Anyone after beefier performance can simply opt for a 13-inch MacBook Pro which is not significantly bigger than the current Air.

Killing-off the MacBook Air would mean the end of an era for Apple, but in the face of strong competition from Windows 10 ultraportable laptops, we doubt the MacBook Air would be able to survive much longer.

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