A new LG V30 may take the place of the G7 at MWC next month

LG is set to add a new version of the LG V30 at Mobile World Congress next month, with the G7 expected to be absent from the show.

The Korea Herald reports the upgraded V30 will boast new artificial intelligence features that may include greater integration of the Google Assistant.

The AI tech will be joined by ‘new technologies and functions’, according to the report.

It’s rumoured the updated handset will be called V30+α, perhaps standing for Alpha.

Reports of LG’s plans comes after the company expressed a desire to retain existing handsets for longer, offering users more variants rather than releasing new flagships annually.

“We will unveil new smartphones when it is needed. But we will not launch it just because other rivals do,” LG Vice Chairman Cho Sung-jin said at CES.

“We plan to retain existing models longer by, for instance, unveiling more variant models of the G series or V series.”

A new V30 would tie into those plans.

Shortly after CES the Korean electronics giant said it was rethinking plans for the G7 and rebuilding the phone from scratch.

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“Right after the vice chairman made the announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show last week, a direct order was sent down to the working-level officials to start over.

“A new decision on a possible launch date will be released around the Lunar New Year holiday next month.”

That means we may not see the G7 until the spring, at the earliest.

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