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New iPhone 6 images emerge from iPhone 5C leaker


Jimmy Lin with the iPhone 6

Fresh images of the iPhone 6 have appeared online, this time from a celebrity who has accurately leaked Apple’s devices in the past.

As a former pop star and race driver, Jimmy Lin is a bit of a star in his native Taiwan.

Lin also has a history of receiving Apple’s gear well ahead of release. Back in August he posed with the iPhone 5C a month before it was officially unveiled by Apple.

Now Lin seems to have repeated the trick with the iPhone 6. The above and below images were recently posted on the star’s Weibo page.

As is his (rather useful) habit, Lin has snapped the iPhone 6 alongside the current iPhone flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5S. It emphasises the difference in design between the two generations, with the newer phone closer in appearance to the iPad mini than its immediate predecessor.

At least, it’s very different from the rear. From the front, the iPhone 6 simply looks like a larger version of the iPhone 5S - albeit with a noticeably thinner screen bezel. We also get a glimpse of that 4.7-inch display, and how much bigger that is than the iPhone 5S equivalent.

For those worrying that those recent reports of Apple potentially forcing a new Lightning connector-based headphone standard, you can rest easy. These snaps show a regular 3.5mm port positioned on the bottom of the device, just like the previous model.

Lin also confirmed what previous component leaks had suggested, that Apple has shifted the power key to the right-hand edge of the iPhone 6. Again, this would make sense given the larger surface area of the device, as it won’t be so easy to reach the top of the phone when held in one hand.

Expect to see the iPhone 6 unveiled in September, complete with iOS 8.

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