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New iPad Pre-order Sells Out

Andrew Williams


New iPad
New iPad

Find out the new iPad's secret features

The "new" iPad pre-order allocation has sold out in the UK. If you want an iPad on launch day, you'll have to dig out the sleeping bag and don your fluffy queuing hat.

Apple's third-generation iPad will be available from this Friday, but with stocks expected to be limited for the first few weeks at least, you'll have to be in quick to snap up a new tablet. The official pre-order was available from the Apple Store website a few hours after the iPad launch last week, but the initial allocation has now sold out.

New iPad

You can still order the new tablet from the Apple Store, but the website indicates that it'll ship in "2-3 weeks" rather than on Friday. Other options include buying one from an Apple Store on the high street, where stocks are likely to sell out early, heading to one of the major networks and nabbing a 3G one tied to a mobile data contract, or hoping that another major retailer like the PC World gets stock in for the launch. As yet we do not have full details on which shops will get the tablet on launch day.

The next iPad's release date is Friday 16 March. As the first "HD" iPad, it's likely to cause quite a stir - just like its forefathers. Other improvements of this new iPad include a faster processor, a much-improved main camera and a larger battery.

New iPad

The model roster of this new generation is just the same as the iPad 2's. There are 16GB/32GB/64GB versions of both Wi-Fi only and 3G/4G flavours, they start from £399 and are available in black and white finishes. Already pre-ordered your iPad? Let us know what feature you're looking forward to sampling the most.


March 12, 2012, 10:33 pm

The tracking info from the Apple Store indicates my pre-ordered iPad 3 (I don't care what Apple want to call it) has reached Hinkley. Will be interesting to see if it's held there until the official launch date this Friday.

The feature I'm most keen to put to good use is the new screen. The faster processor, extra GPU cores, improved camera and larger battery are just icing on top of a very nice cake.

Also keen to plug this thing into a few different external displays to see how this thing performs. Was always impressive how well-written apps have been able to offer some really cool multi-screen interfaces on the iPad 2 - hopeful the new hardware will build on these capabilities and allow developers to work some new magic.

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