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New iPad Launch: We Interview the Fans

Andrew Williams


New iPad Launch: We Interview the Fans

This morning, the new iPad went on sale across the UK. But the heart of any UK Apple launch is the flagship London Apple Store on Regent Street. Around 400 people turned up for the launch, and we got talking to a few as we waited for the doors to open.

Come 8am in the morning, Simon from Devon was feeling run-down. No surprise given he harks from more than 200 miles away and had been there for almost four hours.

TrustedReviews: When did you get here?

Simon: I've waited here for ages, since 4.20am in the morning, I'm absolutely knackered! My teeth need a clean and I could do with a coffee. The queue was really long but I'm so happy now.


TR: So, why a new iPad?

S: I had the first gen iPad but I sold that to my sister so I'm here for the latest one - the retina display really. It's great value, Apple are up there at the moment, up with the best

TR: Did you consider anything else?

S: I have an iPhone 4S and a macbook pro. Didn't really consider anything else, it's got to be Apple.

Justin from California - and no he didn't come to London just for the launch - was a less of devotee.

TrustedReviews: How has the experience been so far?

Justin: Feelin' good, a pretty painless experience. Arrived at 6am and got to the front and now it's 8.30am, so not too bad.

TR: So, why a new iPad?

J: I think it's good value, now it's got the Retina display. I think before that it was a bit questionable, especially as the iPhone 4 was out with the retina display quite a while ago, so for me I couldn't justify buying one at that point.


Justin - a great guy, but not nearly rabid enough

You looked at the Apple iPhone 4 at the time and then the iPad at the time and the screen was so much better on my iPhone I just thought, "I really don't want one until they come out with a good screen."

TR: Fair enough, a down-to-earth approach. But how much of an Apple devotee are you?

J: I've got an iPhone 4S, an apple 28in iMac, I've got an Apple TV, a time capsule...I'm a real admirer but not a fanatic.

A two-hour queuer and a two-hour queuer - Justin and Simon seemed a little bit too sensible to us. So we tried to find someone who had been around for a lot longer. And stumbled upon Andrew, a student from London.

TrustedReviews: How long have you been here?

Andrew: I've only been queuing for 24 hours! (Ed - only?) I think I've got the best deal out of this…

TR: That's some dedication. How has it been?

A: It was extremely cold, we got laughed at a lot! But loadsa people were really supportive, Starbucks gave us some free coffee this morning too.

TR: What do you think of the new iPad?

A: (I'm) very happy! The retina display looks incredible. We were having a play with it this morning, as someone came out with a demo version, and it's brilliant, especially with HD video.


We have a winner - Andrew has real Apple dedication

TR: Did you consider another type of tablet?

A: I considered getting other tablets for Windows 8, when it comes out, but I think at the moment the iPad is best in show. Firstly, the OS - the fact that the applications are designed for it and they have the form factor and then the actual hardware is very well made and polished. It's well thought out.

TR: How many other Apple devices do you have?

A: Just a few... My Macbook pro, an iPhone 4S, again I queued up here for it. All the older gen devices, all the old iPods over the years, the 2nd gen iPad, the iPhone 4, the iPhone 3GS - quite a lot in total, maybe 10 plus?

Andrew's idea of "just a few" devices varies a bit from our own, but we wish him all the best with his new tablet.


March 16, 2012, 8:55 pm

Interviews with random people with nothing better to do with their time than stand outside a shop for hours on end. Great "news" story! Sometimes I wonder why I still visit this site ...


March 16, 2012, 9:17 pm

The arrival of iPhones and iPads tends to make other important news dry up a bit. This was just meant to be a bit of moderately entertaining fluff for those interested in the iPad/knowing what sort of people turn up at god-knows-when to get one. And as its an aberration, we don't have a specific place on the site to put it - other than "news". Don't worry, news will be back to normal after today.


March 16, 2012, 10:38 pm

Although I've pretty much stopped paying attention to TR since the review of those nasty Phillips sporty headphones and the change of the site with the adds etc., I must say that this is one of the best articles I've read on here. I've actually just signed up because I really thought it was an awesome piece of "News".

Review of this article: 10/10
Pros: You get to use your imagination and laugh at something funny
Cons: More 'news' about these iTards would be even better.

To be honest, I previously thought that such 'fans' exist far, far away in some remote states and rarely leave their rooms.
I've learnt something today :)


March 16, 2012, 11:06 pm


While i am not the biggest fan of Apple and their products, the iPad is the ONLY device i consider competitively priced.

It was a little entertaining ill admit, yes iPad stories are all over the place, but i guess that's expected would be nice if other brands were treated the same (not just on TR but all sites) although lets be honest we ALL know the "type" of people who show up at these places.

off topic.... when will you be going into depth with the HTC One range? Postponed my upgrade yesterday as i was going to go for a HTC Sensation or a Galaxy S2 but discovering the hardware on the HTC One X, it seems just pure awesome.


March 17, 2012, 4:46 pm

I hope TR would provide such coverage of as many hardware launches as possible. (I know, I can keep dreaming, you only do it for Apple)

Apple certainly doesn't have an exclusive on fans, at the Phones4U Galaxy Nexus launch one of the fans seemed to particularly enjoy stalking Android's 'chief' Andy Rubin and prided himself in knowing arcane details of his life. He was really disappointed that Mr Rubin didn't show up.


March 19, 2012, 2:33 pm

>> More 'news' about these iTards

Wow!! I bet there are no Android fans like this. Oh yeah, first somebody has to create an Android phone that's actually desirable first.

ps. Only joking, there are of course lots of nerdy Android fans. :)

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