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New iPad Gets Hotter Than iPad 2

Ardjuna Seghers


iPad 3 temperature

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Worried about the rumours of people claiming they’re burning their mitts on Apple’s new tablet? Well, there’s some substance to reports that the new iPad is hotter than previous models, and that’s not just talking about how it’s selling.

In fact, in a thermal photo comparing the pads, it’s clearly visible that the iPad 3 (on the left) is a whopping 5.3 degrees warmer than its predecessor, and that’s after ‘just’ five minutes of running GLBenchmark.

iPad 3 temperature

Worry not though, that still only puts it up to 33.6 degrees – a tad warm for comfort, but not quite the iStove some feared and certainly no finger hazard.

This increase in temperature is most likely due to the tablet’s extra graphics cores. There are not only more of them, but they (and perhaps the CPU) have to work a little harder too when throwing all those pixels around on the new iPad’s Retina Display.

Handy for the cold winters ahead or will this prevent you from getting the Apple tablet? Let us know in the comments.

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March 21, 2012, 12:21 pm

They need to test after an hour or two of gaming?

What about those who live in hot climates...

Is it safe to use while wrapped in a case?

Driving 4x the pixels requires much more power hence a much larger battery. ipad2 = ipad3 same battery life...


March 21, 2012, 2:32 pm

I've tested a 64GB iPad 3 with some of the more demanding games - Air Gambler / Infinity Blade 2 / Pinball HD - all of which have implemented support for the new retina disiplay.

Whilst the rear aluminium surface does get somewhat warmer than that of the iPad 2, it's only really luke warm - not hot. Aluminium is actually one of the most effective conductors of heat, so you could argue it's a good thing that it's actually drawing the heat away from the electronics inside.

The increased warmth may be a result of the extra graphics grunt, as others have speculated, or simply be down to the increased power-draw from the larger battery.

Temperature during use non-hardcore gaming sessions is near identical to iPad 2.

Greg Shewan

March 21, 2012, 4:08 pm

The heat is a big worry for me, in a my countries hot climate this may be a big problem, especially with a protective case.


March 21, 2012, 11:35 pm

The new ipad gets faster / bigger processor or graphics or whatever (don't care, so please don't correct me) and gets warmer.

As the expression goes: No Shit, Sherlock.

What is the point anyway? What does this prove. One could even compare the temperature of an ipad to the outside of a toaster ..!!!

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