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New GTA 5 pictures emerge ahead of launch

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New GTA 5 pictures have emerged online ahead of the eagerly awaited spring 2013 GTA 5 release date.

Adding to a selection of already formally unveiled GAT 5 artwork, the latest GTA 5 picture has been spotted on as yet unused in-store marketing materials for retailers. Failing to offer further indication as to the eagerly anticipated GTA 5 release date, the new GTA picture sports the now familiar arrival time of spring 2013.

Offering new insight into the nature of the upcoming GTA 5 release, the latest GTA 5 picture shows one of the game’s characters attempting to escape a police helicopter on a motorbike whilst brandishing a compact sub-machine gun.

Although not an in-game screen shot, the newly unveiled GTA 5 artwork has leaked courtesy of US industry retailer GameStop. The new GTA 5 artwork follows a selection of GTA 5 pictures that have shown off a raft of the game’s upcoming vehicle options with cars, planes, bikes and speedboats all set to feature.

GTA 5 Rumours

Whilst publisher Rockstar was revealed a GTA 5 release date will be held in ‘Spring 2013’, the gaming giant has yet to offer a more concrete date of arrival for the eagerly awaited addition to the much loved and iconic Grand Theft Auto gaming franchise.

Given the title’s still somewhat speculative date of arrival, a number of GTA 5 release date rumours have done the rounds in recent weeks with retailers offering a selection of potential launch dates for the game. Whilst Amazon has suggested the game will land as late as June 19, supermarket giant Tesco has suggested a GTA 5 launch will take place on March 12.

Elsewhere, German gaming retailer Saturn has offered a potential March 15 GTA 5 release date, with the game already available for pre-order from a wide variety of outlets.

As well as offering speculative GTA 5 release date reports, recent GTA 5 rumours have suggested Rockstar will make the game available beyond its confirmed Xbox 360 and PS3 launch platforms with a GTA 5 PC release date reportedly set to follow.

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Im sick of hearing this !Im sure im just 1 of millions that is waiting patiently for a release but for pete's sack will you stop making these pointless blogs over and over again !!just let us know when you have some concrete evidence or something with some offical news !

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