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New Google Nexus 5 photo leaks


Nexus 5 2

We appear to have caught the first real glimpse of the new Google Nexus 5X, courtesy of a leaked snapshot.

There's been plenty of talk about the follow-up to last year's Nexus 6, and how this year's large-screen model is being made by Huawei.

However, it's also been widely reported that Google is working with LG on a second, smaller Nexus smartphone. Now we think we know what it looks like.

As pointed out by popular YouTube tech reviewer Marques Brownlee, Google+ user Inno Yudha has posted the above (poorly framed and slightly blurry) image of a mysterious new Nexus phone.

Actually, it isn't particularly mysterious at all. In fact, its design squares up with a render video that emerged late last week.

There's the same rounder, matte, vaguely Lumia-esque rear section; the same rear-mounted circular motif (which is presumably a fingerprint sensor); and the same spread-out flash and laser autofocus sensor array.

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This render was reportedly based on the detailed factory schematics that are given to accessory makers ahead of a phone's launch. Now we appear to have seen the real thing.

Other things to expect from the second-generation Nexus 5 is a 5.2in display, a USB-C port and dual front-facing speakers.

If previous Nexus smartphone launches are anything to go by, we can expect confirmation of Google's plans some time in October.

Check out our smartphone group test video below:

catlettuce redux

August 17, 2015, 9:32 am



August 17, 2015, 1:17 pm

>> the new Google Nexus 5,
>> follow-up to last year's Nexus 6

Is it me, or does the Nexus branding just cause confusion?

Might be better if the Nexus part was less prominent by maybe reversing the revision and the Nexus bit.. eg. Google 5 Nexus, Motorola 6 Nexus. One of Androids biggest problems is fragmentation, and even phone naming seems fragmented.


August 20, 2015, 9:35 am

The number in the Nexus line has referred to (approximate) screen size since the N4 (~4") not the revision... the steady increase in screen size has been coincidental. (see also Nexus 7 as 7" and Nexus 10 as 10")

The bit of the article saying "followup to last year's nexus 6" taken in context is referring to rumours that Huawei is making the new Nexus 6: "this year's large-screen model is being made by Huawei" so the confusion is from you taking the quote out of context (simply stating fact, not trying to be offensive!) by linking it to the LG-made new Nexus 5 the rest of this article refers to.

A better naming option would be resuming the previous system where the manufacturer's reference hardware features in the Nexus model name ("Galaxy Nexus" referencing "Galaxy S2" base, "Nexus S" referencing "Galaxy S") so the Nexus 6 would be "Nexus X" (based on Moto X), and Nexus 9 named Nexus Flyer (joking!), new Nexus 5 could be Nexus G (based on LG G4?) and new Nexus 6 would be Nexus P (Huawei P6 based?)


August 25, 2015, 4:25 pm

Yep, still confusing.. :)

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