New Apple AirPods accessory will have you shaking your head

Apple hailed a wireless future with the reveal of the £159/$159 truly cable-free AirPods earphones last week.

The W1 chip-enabled buds, which only work on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus smartphones, have batteries that last five hours – or alternatively, until music fans lose or swallow them.

Now accessory maker Spigen has a $10 solution (via 9to5Mac) that’ll eliminate those final two issues, although it can’t help with the battery life that might get you to lunchtime if you’re lucky.

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The AirPods Strap slides onto the bottom of the electronic toothbrush head-like devices.

As well ensuring the buds don’t slide down a drain if they ever fall out (good luck, runners), the strap will also enable users to rest the buds around their neck if, heaven forbid, they’re not using or charging them

Effectively, the accessory looks exactly like the type of thing you’d buy for your sunglasses and the principle is similar.

Although the accessory is not an Apple product, it again highlights how Apple’s push towards new standards is inconveniencing significant percentages of its user base.

The USB-C MacBook has a single port, while the iPhone 7’s lack of 3.5mm jack means those with traditional headphones will be forced to use an adapter.

If you’re paying that much money for a pair of sub-par headphones that won’t work with any other device you own (unless it also has an Apple logo), what’s an extra ten bucks to ensure you’re less likely to lose them within days?

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