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The pro-focused iMac 2017 could be Apple's best ever all-in-one


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It’s been a good week for Apple’s long-neglected pro users. After eating a little humble pie, Cupertino’s top brass has promised a ‘complete rethink’ of its Mac Pro and has boosted the current model's specs in the meantime.

However, the company has also promised new iMac configurations for those users with a need for power and speed.

Now we’ve got the first idea as to what these 'iMac Pro' specs might be and when the new desktops will be available to buy.

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Pike’s Universum (via MacRumors) says they’ll be here in late October, which matches up to when Apple usually boosts its Mac line.

The report, quoting a “usually pretty accurate source” says:

“Good news, folks. I am told, by a little bird, that the next iMac (to be released in late October) will be available with (up to) Intel E3-1285 v6 processor with 16 GB (upgradable to 32 or 64 GB) ECC memory. Faster NVMe SSD’s possibly up to 2 TB and AMD graphics to support VR and Pro apps. Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C gen 2 with… tada… a brand new keyboard.”

A brand new keyboard you say?

Well, earlier this week, word got out about an Apple patent application that featured the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar functionality.

There were more purported scoops from the source. He reckons there’ll be an 8K display with the new Mac Pro, while also teasing:

“The next Mac mini won’t be so mini anymore. Well. The top model that is.”

An iMac Pro or a full on Mac Pro? Where would your considerable investment be going if Apple delivers on this week's promises.


April 8, 2017, 7:19 pm

Wow will probably start at 2K + will give them a miss like all other overpriced Apple products


April 9, 2017, 5:47 pm

Yes, they're designed for those with taste and intelligence, you wouldn't qualify anyway.


April 10, 2017, 11:29 am

As I sit here with my 2012 iMac - dead screen (spring into life occasionally for short periods), plugged into an internal monitor - only way to get it to work. Expensive and flakey hardware and OS. Invest in another - I think not.

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