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Netflix And LoveFilm Battle Heats Up

David Gilbert


Netflix And LoveFilm Battle Heats Up

Even before Netflix has launched in the Uk and Ireland, the battle between it and its main rival for the rights to major Hollywood studio films is heating up nicely.

Last month Netflix officially announced it would be bringing its subscription streaming service to the UK and Ireland and since then has announced deals with various studios such as MGM, Lionsgate and Miramax.

Now however LoveFilm is fighting back, announcing its own deal with major Hollywood studio, Warner Bros. which will give LoveFilm customers exclusive access to films like The Dark Knight and The Hangover when the deal kicks in next month.

The deal with Warner Bros. is a multi-year deal across all of LoveFilm’s services including subscription streaming, postal rental, per-per-view TV and download-to-own.

LoveFilm says it has created a second pay-TV window, meaning that the deal won’t effect BSkyB’s ability to show Warner Bros. films.

Jeffrey R. Schlesinger, President, Warner Bros. International Television Distribution added: “The establishment of a second pay window with LoveFilm is an important evolution in the way films are made available for viewing in the UK in ever-more convenient ways. Importantly, the structure of the deal ensures that our films continue to retain their value to linear and non linear operators following this window and for the long term.”

With Netflix yet to announce how much its streaming service will cost at launch in early 2012, hopefully the growing competition with LoveFilm will mean that us consumers will reap the benefits with cheaper deals.

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November 17, 2011, 11:31 pm

This is rather frustrating news!

As a Love Film customer, I am finding it increasingly annoying that half the titles I want to watch are simply not available to watch as LF doesn't have an agreement with one studio or another. Also LF have become slower & slower in distributing discs to me as time goes on.

The quality of their streaming films look like the 'from 5 years ago 650mb avi files shot on a camcorder in the back of a Thai cinema', then codec'd to death, type.

So, I was looking forward to giving NetFlix ago instead. But now it looks like if consumers want to be able to access all the major studios films, they will have to have both accounts. These 'exclusive' deals are not good news for the consumer. All studios should be able to be carried with all suppliers and they can then compete on price / quality.

ps. TR's *please* can you fix this comment box so you can edit what's written in it all the way across. This bug has been there since day 1 now. You can't move the cursor further than 2/3rds of the way across this box using the mouse. You can't select text on the right side either. You have to use the keyboard. Thank you.


November 18, 2011, 2:39 pm

Use blockbusters instead. Perfect service, wide range of films available. Quick, before they go out of business!


November 18, 2011, 8:51 pm

I called it quits with Netflix back when they were first going through the splitting services and price hike nonsense. It was too much of a hassle, especially when, as an employee and subscriber of DISH Network, I really only used Netflix as kind of a supplement. Just to kind of round out my options. And it did that pretty well, but it was becoming a hassle, plus there having all these problems keeping programming now? No thanks. DISH has something better now anyway with the Blockbuster Movie Pass. It has streaming, 20 movie channels, and DVD's. Blu-rays and video games (so I cancelled my Gamefly account too). All of that for only $10 a month, handily included in my DISH bill. It's definitely a win/win.

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