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Nest Thermostat gets 20 per cent precision boost


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Google-owned Nest is rolling out another software boost for its highly-rated Nest Learning Thermostat helping it become more accurate and efficient.

The latest update, which is available to all generations of the hardware, assists the thermostat in maintaining the user set temperature around the home. In essence it is able to consider more factors boosting its ability to get closer to the target by 20 per cent.

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It can adjust itself depending on how your home reacts to the weather conditions outside, while it’ll also work around how drafty your home is and what your schedule is.

In a post on the Nest blog product manager Maxime Veron wrote: “Using that info allows Nest to predict how much energy it should use to get the temperature right for your home – when it should turn on and when it should turn off – to make sure you’re comfortable.”

The update, which is rolling out over the next two weeks will also make the home’s energy systems more efficient.

For multi-stage heating and cooling systems, as well as heat pumps, the energy savings can range from 3.8 to 6.5 per cent.

The company says the current range of features, such as Time-to-Temperature, Early-On and Heat Pump Balance will also get better as a result of the update.

Vernon added: “Advanced algorithms and machine learning now make Nest much better at predicting the future. Which means Nest is much better at saving energy while keeping you cozy.”

Stephen Sticklen

December 3, 2015, 2:36 pm

This update, actually rolled out on November 17th, did NOT improve the Nest. In fact it broke it! They're community forum is screaming with upset customers that the early on feature, one of the key differentiators of the Nest, no longer works. I recommend NOT buying a Nest until they release another firmware fix or you will be very disappointed!

Laurie Wilson

December 4, 2015, 8:16 am

I am another very unhappy Nest owner. This update, over which I had no choice in taking, has made a complete mess of the thermostat and no longer works effectively or as described. Nest support treat customers with contempt by claiming they no nothing about this problem, however a cursory look at Nest own Community site will see hundreds of irate customers.

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