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nVision 08: Call of Duty: World at War - Hands Off


nVision 08: Call of Duty: World at War - Hands Off

If there's one thing nVision's demonstration hall has enough off, it's games. Not, I hasten to point out that I'm complaining - especially as an avid gamer. One sight that particularly caught my eye was Call of Duty: World at War's main menu sitting on the screen of an unattended PC. Sadly not a moment after I sat down and a Treyarch employee came running over to tell me that this demo was strictly hands off.

Nonetheless, watching a couple of run-throughs it certainly looks like the gameplay and, of course, engine pioneered by Call of Duty 4 will translate across to the Japanese theatre of war. Graphically there's nothing to discern the new game from its predecessor, except for the uniforms. Gameplay wise, though, the Japanese are quite different to the traditional enemies of Call of Duty's previous World War II installments (that is, the Germans) being much more kamikaze in nature and extremely good at camouflage.

We'll have to wait until we get the full version of the game in our hands to see whether or not Treyarch has repeated the feat it achieved with Call of Duty 3; namely taking a great franchise, making an equally great multiplayer game, but failing miserably to create a compelling single player experience. The promised four-way co-operative play will doubtless go some way to ensuring that World at War isn't a disappointment. From what I saw, the signs are good.

The Treyarch rep who was so quick to remove me from the system suggested that the campaign play time is about the same as CoD 4, which for me was a solid evening's work.

And, don't forget, there's the possibility Sixense and CoD: WaW's development team are working together on something...


August 28, 2008, 3:49 am

Only 2 things will interest me in buying this game:

1 - it's groundbreakingly, shatteringly good (which I doubt)

2 - it lets you play as the Japanese (which I doubt)

I have no doubt they'll make a OK game, maybe even a good one. But it's the setting I'm just too tired of, for me WW2 is a no go zone, I've had too much of the way America is portrayed as the saviour and did nothing bad, too much of the same repackaged storylines. I liked Cod4 it was a deviation from the norm and it was a good game, however people are constantly complaining that the only games coming out now are space marines vs aliens or something along those lines at least with these games you can create new storylines and have different approaches and aliens. But WW2 as a subject is just so closed and is getting too stale for me.


August 28, 2008, 4:42 pm

Juxtah makes a good point about WWII becoming a bit stale, I agree with him there. WWII has been featured in a lot of first persons and does tend to get a bit samey.

Initially, i was disappointed that COD5 was going back to WWII and not sticking with modern warfare as COD4 has been such a hit. I personally find using modern weapons much better than the crappy old ones (Iron sights) but now im excited with the 4 player campaign co-op mode and playing (I hope) as the Japanese.

Looking at the screen shots.. they look pretty good :)


August 28, 2008, 5:32 pm

It sounds like you're just tired of bad WWII games Juxtah (or at least unimaginative ones). For me much the same comments apply to the 'modern warfare' theme - all the games seem to contain the M1 tank, the AK-47 and half a dozen generic black assult rifles.

I think WWII will continue to be used in PC games because the technology works well in games, it's both close range yet more exciting then WWI or older technology. We need need develops to cover some new scenarios, maybe entirely fictional ones (preferably without silly superweapons) or maybe some of the less-covered ones (The invasion of France/Poland?)

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