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nVidia Unveils 'Fermi' Next Generation GPU Architecture

Gordon Kelly


nVidia Unveils 'Fermi' Next Generation GPU Architecture

Looks like GPU technology is ready for another major leap...

Late last night nVidia announced its first major architecture upgrade since the G80 nearly three years ago. It goes by the (unexplained) name of 'Fermi' (Enrico Fermi dedication?) and will feature a mind-blowing 512 cores and three billion transistors. Cores will be broken down into 16 streaming processors with 32 cores each while GDDR5 memory will be its drug of choice.

nVidia's 'Parallel DataCache' technology and 'GigaThread' engine also make their debut and it's the first GPU to support ECC (error checking and correction). So while Fermi will form the heart of future GeForce and Quadro lines, if you haven't guessed already, we're not just talking pure gaming but GPU computing too.

"Fermi delivers supercomputing features and performance at 1/10th the cost and 1/20th the power of traditional CPU-only servers," nVidia proclaims on the Fermi official site page.

The first real world graphics card to feature Fermi is likely to be the 'GT300' series and while we don't yet know pricing or real world availability it's safe to say ripping video and playing Crysis won't cause it any problems!


nVidia Fermi Architecture

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