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nVidia GeForce 9400M Coming To Nettops


nVidia GeForce 9400M Coming To Nettops

We know that nVidia is interested in netbooks, but isn't ready to enter the market yet. However, if DigiTimes' sources aren't wrong, we could soon see nVidia 9400M-powered nettops appearing.

Apparently the MCP79 chipset will see Atom support added to its list of compatible CPUs. Supposedly, though, netbook support won't be coming, at least initially, so it will be desktop-placed systems like the Eee Box only at first.

Of course, we've already seen nettops with graphics to beat Intel's integrated solutions, in the form of Asus' Radeon 3600-series powered Eee Box line-up. We've even seen a netbook with nVidia graphics, too, again from Asus in the form of the N10.

The thought of a nettop with enough grunt to run PhotoShop CS4 (thanks to GPU-acceleration) is pretty compelling…




December 10, 2008, 2:48 pm

From OLPC costing $100 per million units, to netbooks costing &#163500 each!

At this rate the prices are gonna creep up to the standard TZ/TT realm, and then there'll be a sub-laptop for every price point from &#163200 to &#1632000.

Size and design traditionally seperated these dinky toys from their clumsier cheaper cousins. Those two key differentiators have been weathered away. The uber-costly sub-laptop realm seems wide open now, and i do wonder what the likes of Sony are going to come up with to stay ahead of this marauding herd of copy-cats..

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