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Motorola Atrix Landing Next Month With Orange

David Gilbert


Motorola Atrix Landing Next Month With Orange

Orange has announced that in the UK, it will exclusively offer the Motorola Atrix for sale some time early next month with it available for pre-order now.

Motorola call the Atrix the world’s most powerful smartphone and we were certainly impressed with it when we saw it at CES last January. Now Orange has announced it will be the “exclusive UK launch partner” for the phone and it will be heading for shelves in your nearest Orange store in early May. The dual-core phone will be available for free on 24 month contracts of £35-a-month or more. The 4in handset comes with a five megapixel camera, Gorilla Glass display but runs Android 2.2 (FroYo) rather than the latest 2.3 (Gingerbread) software. What really sets the Atrix apart from its rivals however is it ability to connect with the Lapdock and offer the functionality of a laptop.

The Lapdock sees the phone sit at the back of the laptop and users can take advantage of the 11.6in screen, keyboard, stereo speakers and eight hours of battery life. The Lapdock normally costs £299.99 but Orange customers will be able to get it at reduced price points depending on their tariff. Those on high-end business plans will be able to get the Atrix handset and Lapdock for free and Orange is even introducing a new tariff – called the Panther Extra 60 plan – that will includes free tethering to allow users to get online while using the Lapdock. Orange is also offering the Work and Play Kit to customers purchasing the Atrix which will include a remote control, mouse, HD multimedia dock and keyboard. The Work and Play Kit will cost £49.99 for new customers while existing Orange users will be charged nothing should they upgrade to the Atrix – but only during the month of May.

We saw last week that the Samsung Galaxy S II and the HTC Sensation will also be available next month so we are set to see these dual-core beasts go head-to-head for the title of top superphone.

Source: Orange

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