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Motorola announces July 28 event, Moto G 3 imminent?


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Motorola has just announced an event for July 28, which could signal an imminent launch of a new Moto G 2015.

The company has already been rumoured to be preparing a Moto G 3 for July 28, so this could be the confirmation we’ve been waiting for.

The invite itself doesn’t give anything away in particular, featuring the following mysterious message: “Your relationship status is about to change. XOX Moto”

We’ve no idea what that means; perhaps Motorola thinks we’ll fall in love with its next smartphone?

That might not be unlikely – last year’s Moto G 2 received critical acclaim for its impressive design and specs paired with a very budget price tag.

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We’ve seen a host of rumours trickle out about the new smartphone in the past few days, with the latest suggesting we’ll see a dunkable waterproofed Moto G.

The handset is also expected to carry a Snapdragon 410 chip, a 13-megapixel camera, and 1GB/2GB and 8GB/16GB memory and storage options.

Fortunately, we might not have long to wait until the reveal if this invite suggests what we think it does…

If you’re in the market for a more high-end smartphone, you might enjoy our handset group test video below:


July 16, 2015, 10:07 pm

Whatever the new upgrades the Moto G3 ends up with, it'll need to be priced very carefully, if not stay at the same price level as its older brother. Otherwise, it's going to nudge too close to, and end up competing with, the older but still capably powerful OnePlus One.

Granted, I do love the Motorolas, but it'll be a tougher time for the third iteration when there's been so many other cheap and powerful phones (albeit with relatively small track records) being released at such low prices, which are still flooding in now.

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