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Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro release date announced


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Microsoft has revealed the launch date of its Surface Windows 8 Pro tablet.

The Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro will hit shops in the US and Canada on February 9, a little under five months after the launch of the entry-level Microsoft Surface RT.

Details of the launch were shared through an official Microsoft press release, where the pricing details were also confirmed. The Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro will cost $899 for the 64GB model, climbing to $999 for the 128GB model.

It's worth noting again that the Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro will run the full Windows 8 OS, making it more of a portable computer than an outright iPad rival. For that there's the aforementioned Microsoft Surface RT with its stripped-back Windows RT OS.

Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro Specs

As you might expect given the price tag and the presence of full Windows 8, the Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro is specced rather like an ultrabook.

It runs on an Intel Core i5 processor with Intel HD Graphics 4000 as opposed to the Tegra 3 mobile chip found in the Surface RT.

The Surface Windows 8 Pro has double the RAM of the RT at 4GB, and its 10.6-inch Full HD 1920 x 1080 display is considerably sharper than the Surface RT's 1366 x 768 model. That screen is more sophisticated in another way too, accepting full 10-point multitouch as opposed to the RT's 5-point capability.

Owing to its beefier specs - and the larger battery that these require - the Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro is a little chunkier than its predecessor, as well as being around 230 grams heavier.

There's no news yet on pricing or availability outside of the US, so stay tuned for more as we get it.

Are you interested in the Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro, or is that too much weight and money for a tablet? Let us know via the Trusted Reviews Twitter and Facebook feeds, or take to the comments box below to have your say.

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January 23, 2013, 11:01 am

Surefeces RT - flimsy backplate, stupid wired keyboard that won't hold in one place. eh....
Microsoft should begin designing stormtroopers and deathstar. That should keep them occupied in their basement and no one to see.


January 23, 2013, 12:27 pm

Apparently you've haven't used the RT. We've had one since November and it handles EVERYTHING my wife throws at it. She has yet to acquire a single app from the store so the argument about lack of apps (which is not true) is weak. She downloads and creates the content she needs for all her projects/planning.

The build of the unit is phenomenal. Ours is tossed around like yesterdays newspaper ... never a scratch .. nothing broke.

The ONLY negative that I can come up with is that only about 80% of flash-based sites play properly... This isn't a problem, though, because those sites are usually the lower-end of the quality spectrum in the first place.

The unit works great as a tablet. My wife also connects it to our 60" tv, uses a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse and thus eliminates our need for a HTPC. (No, we do not game on our systems.)
My son and I ARE getting the Surface Pro based strictly on legacy apps. But that need for legacy app support also negates the argument FOR any Android or iPad device. So... if you or anyone are complaining about the RT's lack of legacy support, then you are a hypocrite if you own ANY android or 'iPood' device.

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