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Microsoft Shows Off Four Windows Phone Mango Handsets

David Gilbert


Windows Phone Mango Samsung

With all the excitement about the impending release of Nokia’s first Windows Phone handset, we had almost forgotten about the other OEMs set to release new handsets in conjunction with the Winodws Phone Mango update.

However Microsoft has not been so absent minded, and at the Microsoft Worldwide Partnerss Conference yesterday evening, it showed off four new devices from Acer, Fujitsu, ZTE and Samsung. While Microsoft has since pointed out that these devices are not production models, it does give us a clear indication of what is coming down the line.

The standout handset was the Samsung model (seen above), rumoured to be the SGH-i937 and which bears a striking resemblance to the Samsung Galaxy S II, which is currently the best-selling phone on the market. The other phones look like the current crop of WP handsets, except for the Fujitsu model that is, which is clad in a waterproof pink casing.

Windows Phone Mango ZTE Fujitsu Acer

There was no sign of Nokia’s Sea Ray handset at the conference, after Nokia CEO Stephen Elop accidentally/on purpose gave us a sneak preview of the handset last month. With Mango scheduled for release in the coming months, it is good to see that Microsoft will be offering a range of handsets to support the platform and with ZTE coming to the table, hopefully it will mean they will also be more affordable.

In related news, those of you hoping that Mango could possibly be making an appearance on tablets in the near future will be disappointed by comments from Microsoft's Windows Phone president, Andy Lees. He told Electronista that Microsoft saw tablets as PCs and so Windows 8 would be the next version of Windows to be seen on a tablet.

Source: Microsoft

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