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Microsoft's Start menu troubleshooter could fix your Windows 10 problems


Windows 10

Microsoft has launched a troubleshooting tool for diagnosing and fixing any issues with the Windows 10 Start menu.

One of the most requested features ahead of Windows 10's launch was the reinstatement of the Start menu. Its arrival has been warmly received – not least by us – but it's far from perfect.

There have been numerous reports of bugs and glitches in the Start menu's operating, such as it failing to appear, core elements (such as Cortana) going missing, or even occasions of it popping up at random.

Microsoft has now addressed these issues with the release of a dedicated Start menu repair tool.

Heading over to the Microsoft Support pages, there's a section to help "Troubleshoot problems opening the Start menu or Cortana". Beyond the usual advice to check for updates and restart your machine (those old chestnuts), you'll find that there's an option to "Try the troubleshooter".

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Clicking on this link will kick of a free download of the new Start menu troubleshooter tool (or you can just click here).

Once booted up, the Start menu troubleshooter will check that a bunch of required applications are installed correctly, that the Registry key permissions are all okay, if the tile database is corrupt, and if the application manifest is corrupt (via IntoWindows).

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If there are any issues, the Start menu troubleshooter will automatically fix them – or at least attempt to.


June 28, 2016, 11:45 am

This happened on my wife's computer recently (Start Menu and Action Centre not showing up) and searching for a fix lead me to this troubleshooter thingy. Running it just said that ShellHostExperience and Cortana were not installed correctly and that it couldn't fix it. That's it.

The fix in the end was booting into Safe Mode, then rebooting back into "normal mode" and it just worked again...

Looking into the issue further, it seems to be centred around DropBox desktop sync, where others are suggesting that uninstalling DropBox also fixed the issue... (I suspect Safe Mode prevented DropBox from starting at boot and then changed the boot order so that ShellHostExperience starts before DropBox in normal userspace...)

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