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Microsoft Unveils Xbox Wireless Speed Wheel

David Gilbert


Xbox Wireless Speed Wheel

We’ve already looked at the new Xbox Live features and games line-up from Microsoft announced at E3, and we wondered if there was any hardware to go with the software – and it seems as if there is.

Microsoft has announced the Xbox Wireless Speed Wheel for all the petrol heads out there who have tired of using regular controllers to navigate their way around tracks and streets. The new steering wheel, as you can see, sports a three-quarters design and includes most of the controls you’d get on a regular Xbox controller including four-way directional pad, action buttons and trigger buttons on the rear for accelerator and brake controls. While we’ll have to wait to see if the Speed Wheel will feel nice in the hand, the inclusion of a rumble pack for haptic feedback which will make sure you feel as if you are taking those high-speed corners yourself.

Xbox Wireless Speed Wheel

The Wireless Speed Wheel will cost $60 when it hits shops in October and will work with all racing games out of the box, but Microsoft add a caveat that there will be limited functionality with some games, which means you should probably look at the small print before thinking of investing. At the top of the Speed Wheel are green bands of lights on each handle to provide visual cues when necessary. The Wireless Speed Wheel will be shipping from 26 September and we are waiting to hear a UK price but will let you know as soon as we do.

Source: Major Nelson via Engadget


June 8, 2011, 3:22 pm

Could those green coloured bands have something to do with making the wheel easier to detect and track with Kinect perhaps?

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