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Microsoft responds to growing Windows 10 privacy worries


Windows 10 Edge

Microsoft has gone on record in response to a number of privacy concerns surrounding the new Windows 10 operating system.

Windows boss Terry Myserson says the new software collects user data only for the purpose of improving the performance of the OS.

In a lengthy blog post on Monday, he also stated that consumers have control over every piece of personal data collected.

In today’s connected world, maintaining our privacy is an incredibly important topic to each of us, thus we welcome the questions and the feedback we’ve received since launching Windows 10,” he wrote.

The chief says all information is encrypted in transit to Microsoft’s servers and stored in secure facilities.

Myerson added that all data-collection approaches adhere to three principles. The first is to ensure the company provides a “secure and reliable experience.” The firm says no identifying information is collected, while content and files are left well alone when collecting data.

The second tier is Personalisation Data. Microsoft says the personalised experience “benefits from knowing some things about you to customize your experience, such as knowing whether you are a Seattle Seahawks fan or Real Madrid fan.”

Myerson points out that its easy for Windows 10 users to control exactly what information is handed over to the company.

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Lastly, Microsoft says that no matter what “privacy options you choose, neither Windows 10 nor any other Microsoft software scans the content of your email or other communications, or your files, in order to deliver targeted advertising to you.”

The Windows chief didn’t address the concerns over instances of Cortana and crash reports still collecting data after those privacy settings had been altered.

Maybe that’s a blog post for another day?


September 28, 2015, 7:14 pm

I'd love to know how Microsoft harvesting my personal sports team affiliations is going to make Excel work any better. (I do understand how it could make advertising opportunities work better, however).

Dead Words

September 28, 2015, 9:07 pm

You can't try those two subjects. "I wonder how my feelings over the taste of Pepsi is going to make Pizza Hut taste better." Well, it isn't.
Besides, Microsoft is no worse than any other major software corporation. They're way better than Google, at the very least.


September 28, 2015, 9:11 pm

Well I am. And who are you to gainsay Microsoft? They say that they only use data to improve the software experience, and they give by way of example of such data one's sports team affiliations. I'm just asking how that works.


September 28, 2015, 9:43 pm

They are releasing a Red Bull sponsored Extreme Sports version of Excel....................

Dead Words

September 29, 2015, 11:24 am

They probably use sports team affiliations to bring you the latest sports news with Cortana and Bing, and also use the information to help Bing Predict predict the next game. I doubt it correlates with much of importance. And that's probably why Microsoft mentioned it, because your favorite sports team doesn't really matter, especially if you're telling Cortana and such. There are always privacy concerns with Windows but they never really come to fruition. Microsoft is really no different from any other company. They're not saints of course, but they're not evil. They're a business, and businesses thrive off of the information of their customers.

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