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Microsoft plotting new SmartGlass app to coincide with Xbox One launch


Xbox SmartGlass

Microsoft has announced it will launch a new version of its Xbox SmartGlass second-screen app, to coincide with the launch of its Xbox One console.

The forthcoming new app, which will arrive in time for the Xbox One's November 22 release date will be faster and more useful than the current iteration.

According to the company, SmartGlass for Xbox One pairs up almost instantly with the the console and is three times faster at doing so than the Xbox 360 app.

Interestingly, Microsoft is allowing up to 16 smart devices to be connected to the console via the SmartGlass app, which is great if you're having a few friends over and want to let them all in on the Xbox action.

While users are on the go, the new SmartGlass app will be enabled for mobile shopping, allowing users to purchase content that can be instantly viewed on the device.

SmartGlass team leader Ron Pessner told Engadget: "We definitely want to make sure it's a seamless process for customers and they're able to find a piece of content regardless of where they are -- the web or the SmartGlass app -- and being able to have that content ready for them to play when they return to their Xbox One."

SmartGlass functionality will be built into some games, including launch titles Dead Rising 3 and Project Spark, while DVR clips recorded on the passport will be available to view on the SmartGlass app too. The company also refused to rule out the potential for SmartGlass to be used as a dedicated game controller.

"It has to be the right fit for the right game to use SmartGlass as a dedicated controller," Pessner said.

One feature that will be present within SmartGlass is an online multiplayer 'matchmaker,' which will allow gamers to queue for matches while playing in other games.


September 8, 2013, 12:13 am

Suggestions to Microsoft...
1. Make RT the operating system for both phones and lite tablets. Same apps will then work on both types of devices, less programming for two different OS's, etc.
2. Buyout Nintendo! You have the cash, and this would be a bold move. You'll own the catalog, which you can limit to Xbox only. Make the classics and lighter weight games accessible on RT. Also, lots of synergy between Wii motion control and Kinect.
3. Make Office 365 accessible via Xbox. Provide discounted subscription to families. This gives families another PC to use for homework, essays, etc. Sad to say, but in some families they may have an Xbox or PS4, but not a PC.

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