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Microsoft OneDrive replaces SkyDrive complete with new features


Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft has officially launched the OneDrive cloud storage service as a replacement for SkyDrive, but it’s more than just a name change.

The company was forced to rebrand following a UK ruling that the SkyDrive name infringed on BSkyB’s Sky brand. Microsoft revealed the new OneDrive name at the end of January.

OneDrive has now been launched, and the change will be a seamless experience for existing SkyDrive users. However, Microsoft has also used the occasion to introduce a few noteable new features.

Now, like Dropbox, OneDrive users will be able to earn extra storage space. Refer a friend to the service and you’ll get an extra 500MB of storage. You can earn up to 5GB extra in this way alone, and the ten friends you refer will also received an extra 500MB.

Meanwhile activating the camera back-up facility on iOS, Android (a new feature to this version), or Windows Phone apps will earn you an extra 3GB of storage.

All this is in addition to the 7GB basic allocation every new OneDrive user receives. Want more? You can now sign up to a subscription package in order to increase that figure, starting from £16 a year for an extra 50GB.

Another new feature is the ability to collaborate on documents stored on OneDrive simultaneously, Google Drive-style.

Video uploading has also been improved, so that the quality of the download stream a the other end will adapt according to the quality of the connection. This should ensure speedier and more reliable video sharing.

Microsoft has already launched the refreshed OneDrive website, and the SkyDrive apps on Mac, Windows 8, Windows Vista, iOS, Android and (of course) Windows Phone will be updated today.

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Brian O'Neill

February 19, 2014, 9:09 am

I set skydrive up for the wife, I personally prefer dropbox even though I got a 20gb account with skydrive. Skydrive has a number of weaknesses. It does not show you want it is doing so you have no idea if the document you have been working on is synced. Manys a day I get a call from the wife telling me a file she needs for work did not sync. Dropbox puts a little icon beside files so you know if it has been synced and what has not, skydrive does not do this. On windows 8.1 they made the bizarre decision to remove the sync icon from the taskbar so you had no idea if skydrive was even working, thankfully they have brought it back. Skydrive is not as reliable as dropbox, certain files will just not sync for no obvious reason.

The bottom line is for ease of use and reliability it is hard to beat dropbox. Skydrive is flaky, dropbox just works.


February 20, 2014, 1:19 am

Is Microsoft still intentionally helping the N.S.A. defeat its own encryption?
Still participating in PRISM, like how Microsoft joined PRISM first, in 2007?

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