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Microsoft is bringing Cortana to iOS and Android



Microsoft has confirmed it plans to bring its Cortana digital assistant to both iOS and Android.

The company will release apps for both third-party operating systems, allowing the voice-controlled AI to work outside of Windows for the first time.

Microsoft is offering a sneak preview of the apps today, although we’ll have to wait to see full versions of the software.

The integration won’t run as deep on iOS and Android as it does with Windows, but Microsoft has confirmed there will be notification support.

This means you’ll get various updates on things like your flights or sports results.

Cortana will also help you set reminders and provide follow-up alerts for those reminders, as well as let you check the weather.

The app is due for release on Android in late June, with an iOS launch pencilled in for later this year.

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We first heard rumours that Microsoft was planning to roll out its voice assistant software to iOS and Android back in March.

If Microsoft can get iOS and Android users invested in its own ecosystem, it can only benefit the company.

Microsoft already operates a number of apps on iOS and Android, including Microsoft Office and Sky Drive, so cross-platform launches aren’t unprecedented.

Cortana is up against stiff competition, however, as Apple’s Siri and Google’s Now are both mature and competent digital assistants.

Would you use Cortana on iOS and Android, or would you rather stick with native Siri and Google Now? Let us know in the comments.


May 26, 2015, 6:37 pm

It is interesting as to why MSFT are doing this, maybe they are subtly providing the larger benefits and insight as to what your likely to have but much much more in depth if you use a Windows mobile 10 OS and also the integration with Windows 10 pc platform. It could be the ultimate teaser for a lot people to tempt them to look at a new level or better AI integration than what Siri and Google now currently have.

Microsoft have been very busy in their R&D labs over the last few years or more working hard to improve their software division and overhaul their hardware too.

Interesting for sure.

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