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Microsoft has 'huge' Xbox 360 announcement planned for E3, despite Xbox One launch


Xbox One

Just because Microsoft has announced the Xbox One, doesn't mean the world's best-selling games console has been bought a one-way ticket to the glue factory.

Microsoft has today announced that it has a massive announcement planned for the 8-year-old Xbox 360 at the annual E3 expo in June, where the Xbox One will take centre stage.

Microsoft Game Studios Corporate Vice President Phil Spencer, said: "We have a huge, I think it's huge, [Xbox 360] announcement for E3 that I keep wanting to talk about, but I can't."

Speaking to GameSpot Asia, Spencer hinted that the Xbox 360 will enjoy a long life after the new console is launched, in much the same way that developers continued to support the PS2 long after the PS3 arrived.

He added: "I think the [Xbox 360] is going to be very vibrant for many years."

The company's keynote at E3 will still focus on the Xbox One which was announced on Tuesday.

The company had promised that the launch would be a two-part event, with many of the gaps from the launch event expected to be filled, while a host of new games will also be announced.

Spencer said that event will "surprise people."

What do you think Microsoft has in store for the Xbox 360 at E3? Cheaper hardware? A new design? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Mike E. Delta

May 23, 2013, 9:30 pm

It only makes sense, considering the improvements it has and I could definitely have lived with this as the last console ever...but I'm definitely getting One and keeping the beautiful and glossy 360s that I have now. Why would you get rid of something you invested so much time on? Although, if they do have an updated version of the 360 I may also consider getting that too! @-@

Kulti Vator

May 23, 2013, 9:53 pm

Hopefully this announcement will cover off using the 360 as an extender for the Xbox One's Bluray / TV / Gaming DVR features - and maybe some other interesting symbiotic capabilities that'll keep the 360 useful.

The alternative is one heck of a lot of 360's and first-gen Kinect units hitting ebay - and worse landfill - around Xmas time!

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