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Microsoft creative director doesn't see problem with always-on Xbox 720



Microsoft Studios creative director Adam Orth has spoken out on rumours that the next generation Xbox - or Xbox 720 as some are calling it - will require a permanent internet connection to work. He doesn't understand why people have a problem with the concept.

Persistent rumours that the Xbox 720 will be always-on, requiring an internet connection even to play single player games, have attracted a great deal of criticism from press and fans. Such a feature would mean that any drop in internet connection would prevent you from playing games.

Whilst no official confirmation (or denial) of this feature has been forthcoming, one influential Microsoft figure at least has thrown his hat into the ring.

Adam Orth is the creative director of Microsoft Studios - Microsoft's in-house video game production department - and he recently tweeted, "Sorry, I don't get the drama over having an "always on" console," adding that "every device now is 'always-on.' That's the world we live in."

Orth provided a couple of illustrations that explain his breezy dismissal of a pretty hot topic. "Sometimes the electricity goes out. I will not buy a vacuum cleaner," he tweeted. "The mobile reception in the area I live in is spotty and unreliable. I will not buy a mobile phone," he added.

Orth has made his Twitter account private following the inevitable coverage his comments have provoked. The question is, can his comments be seen as implicit confirmation that the Xbox 720 will include an always-on requirement? Or are these simply the idle observations of a regular Twitter user?

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Via: The Verge

Vaibhav Bansal

April 5, 2013, 9:35 am

Adam Orth should live in India or one of the other 100+ countries with spotty or no internet connectivity for a couple of weeks, unless he plans to sell the Xbox 720 exclusively to the developed world.


April 5, 2013, 11:46 am

Oh dear. Maybe Adam Orth could also give us his analysis of why Windows 8 isn't selling. Doubtless because the customers are too stupid to realise what is good for them, n'est-ce pas?


April 8, 2013, 12:59 pm

Poor comparisions. When at home you can, and usually do have a landline, but a mobile phone's true potential lies in it's name - mobile. We won't be walking around with the next xbox running in our pockets.

And when the electricity goes out, I doubt there are few people who'd mind not using the vacuum cleaner, there's be bigger problems then hoovering. To correctly use this analogy, the manufacturer must make the vacuum cleaner only usable whilst it's connected to the internet, just cos they want it that way rather than it has to be. I doubt such a model would sell very well. Much like people buy game consoles know that if the power goes out they can't play, but people still buy games consoles. It HAS to use electricity. There is a difference here. Especially when you spend 300-400 and then 60+ on a game to be told you can't use it offline cos we don't want you to.

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