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Microsoft Confirms Budget Mobiles Maim Windows Phone Features

Andrew Williams


Budget Mobiles Maim Windows Phone Features, Microsoft Confirms

Budget Windows Phone mobiles like the Nokia Lumia 610 and ZTE Tania use 256MB of RAM, where previously Windows devices had to use 512MB. The change in policy is part of the new Tango update. However, Microsoft has confirmed that using 256MB leads to a fairly severe restriction of features. These phones will not truly provide the full Windows Phone experience.

Using a phone like the Nokia Lumia 610, you will not be able to run all apps - each has its own set of minimum specs. This could well affect many games, most having been devised with the original hardware guidelines in mind.

Lumia 610

Fast app switching, the Windows Phone version of multitasking is limited too. If an app requires more than 90MB of memory, the phone will not be able to keep it "running", rather shutting it down fully. Background processes are cut down as well, which could hamper the phone's ability as a social networking and email guru.

Podcast and video subscriptions are also out, and Bing Local Scout, the local attractions finder introduced in Mango, has also been given the boot. HD video playback is gone, and you'll no longer be able to auto-load content to SkyDrive, a Microsoft cloud storage solution. Windows Phone Tango

Windows Phone Tango is not affiliated with orange-flavoured drinks

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It makes for pretty depressing reading, but the crucial thing to ask is - are budget Android phones any better off? Popular budget Android phones like the Huawei Blaze and Orange San Francisco II chug through some games and can't hack HD video. We won't know until we get to review a low-end Windows Phone device properly what the 256MB experience is like.

However, these serious limitations highlight that the £150-plus price of the Nokia Lumia 610 is probably a little too high - especially when previous-gen phones are available at a similar price if you shop hard enough.

What do you think? Does this ruin Windows Phone's budget abilities?

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March 12, 2012, 1:53 pm

Nokia seems to have forgotten the golden rule of new, not especially popular platforms - give the darn things away.

Instead they insist on 'budget' pricing which is actually about double what it should be. Android will Nokia at this level.


March 12, 2012, 2:32 pm

Microsoft really needs budget phones to mass promote Windows Phones. ZTE is doing the right thing.

Seriously, compare a bad Windows Phone with an Android phone like the ZTE Racer. Who cares how bad the phone is when you can get a fully functional (albeit slow) smart phone for £60?

iPhones and Android phones have all the limelight right now. WP's don't have a dedicated fanbase like Apple, but through guys like ZTE, they have a shot at becoming a third phone-OS choice that will stick around.

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