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Microsoft believes “space for both” Xbox One and Steam Machines

Sam Loveridge


Xbox One

Microsoft has said it isn’t threatened by the oncoming Steam Machine army, but says there’s “space for both” under your TV set.

Marc Whitten, Corporate Vice President of Xbox, has said he’s really excited to the Xbox One and Steam Machines share the game console market. Of course, he doesn’t bring the PS4 into the equation.

“This is literally the most golden of golden ages that I've ever seen around gaming," Whitten told Engadget at a CES interview. "I think this is what makes gaming great.”

CES 2014 was dominated this year by announcements from Valve on upcoming Steam Machines and the new prototype Oculus Rift “Crystal Cove”.

“You love seeing the passion of seeing someone like Palmer [Luckey] and those guys at Oculus. And seeing someone like John Carmack get on and really be focused on it is great. I don't know how it could be anything but good [for the industry].”

Whitten admits he’s had a go with the next-generation Oculus Rift and is impressed by what he’s seen. He won’t say whether Microsoft has the Oculus Rift dev kits though.

Although Whitten sees the benefits of Steam Machines, he’s still sceptical.

"I personally don't know how to think about Steam Machines yet," he said. "I'm not knocking it or whatever. I continue to think that PC gaming -- the sort of uber configuration and I can change everything and I can mod -- that's an important thing and there's a lot of people that wanna do that.”

However, he believes that Steam Machines are in a totally different category to the like of the Xbox One and PS4, something that will mean Valve’s SteamOS will attract a totally different type of gamer.

“When you get into that living room environment, you don't want to spend any of your brain cells doing anything but being entertained. I don't want to work on it; I don't want to feel like I have to know how it works. I would like to be blowing things up now, or watching a thing now. That's the fundamental thing that you want to do. I think there's space for both. I'm not sweating it.”

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Joffre Arteaga

January 11, 2014, 11:55 pm

Of course there is space for more, i don't understand peoples fanboyism that there must be only one, i love having choice and freedom. Each company offers unique games and features , how horrible would it be if only one company had manopoly over gaming.


January 12, 2014, 2:16 pm

Really well said. Gaming forums & websites with eloquently written articles are all too often ruined by 'fanboys' who reduce the debate to really spiteful & childish abuse defending their choice of console/pc. I suspect that it only serves to perpetuate the notion amongst non-gamers that it's a childish pursuit. I'm just relieved it doesn't happen here.
Personally, I don't care who makes my console, blind loyalty doesn't and shouldn't come into it. The one that gets my money is the one that will give me the most fun with friends and plays decent games for reasonable value.


January 13, 2014, 11:46 am

The hardcore gamers may be happy to pay for more than one system in order to benefit from the unique features of each.

For most people though, these consoles represent a large outlay of money and most of the features do overlap between them. The reason the argument as to which is best IS important is because for those of us who don't want to fork out for more than one machine, we want to make sure we make the right choice!

(Although I agree that there's nothing pleasant about seeing an eloquently written article ruined by fanboy comments.)


January 13, 2014, 10:14 pm

It is a big outlay, and indeed you're right that the choice is important. I have one console for that very reason. But, it is a subjective decision, Isn't it? So, there's no argument to be had. No one system is 'best' per se.
I can only speak for myself, and my purchase was based on which device ticked more personal boxes than the other, but I don't rationalise that call by pointlessly insulting the alternative or those that do own it just because I don't (which is what most misanthropic fanboy trolls appear to be doing to me.)
Being a hardcore gamer and having manners are not mutually exclusive traits, but you'd think so reading many article comments on gaming sites.
Microsoft is right to say there is space for both, for those that have the luxury of being able to, fair play to them.

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