Metro Exodus release date, gameplay, trailer, story info and all the latest news

4A Games’ Metro franchise is an excellent survival horror FPS series, the first two entries of which were remastered for modern consoles in Metro Redux. Now, the third instalment is on the way in the form of Metro Exodus.

Taking the series open-world, Exodus is already shaping up to be something special.

TrustedReviews has compiled everything you need to know about Metro Exodus including all the latest news, release date info, trailers and more.

What is Metro Exodus?

Based on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s popular novels, Metro Exodus is intended as the third instalment in a series that started back in 2010 with Metro 2033. Instead of being restricted to dank subway tunnels and brief pockets of Moscow Ruins, players will now have a much larger range of environments to explore.

Metro Exodus release date – When is it coming out?

4A Games’ confirmed at E3 that Metro Redux will be arriving on PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2018. It’ll also be playable in 4K on Xbox One X.

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Metro Exodus gameplay – How does it play?

Metro Exodus is a first-person survival horror spanning across linear, claustrophobic environments and wide-open spaces to explore, as shown by the recent reveal trailer. While navigating the post-apocalyptic Russian Federation, players will have to keep themselves well-equipped and prepared for a manner of radioactive horrors.

Just like past games, a gas mask will have to be worn outside. Filters must be swapped to ensure you have a fresh air supply. If an enemy attacks you, cracks in your vision will remain as a bleak reminder of your potential fate. For dark environments, you have a torch and/or lighter on hand. These can be used to navigate obstacles and avoid potential dangers.

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In terms of locations, Exodus is far more ambitious than its predecessors. Playing once again as Artyom, you’ll join the Spartan Rangers as they venture toward the Far East. Our hero will find himself travelling from Volga River to the snowy Ural Mountains. With any luck, they’ll maintain the same sense of tension and dread we adore from Metro.

Exodus will feature a dynamic day/night cycle and weather system, set to take full advantage of Microsoft’s Xbox One X. Weapons and items can be made using a multi-tiered crafting system designed to help you survive. You’ll have to do a bit of scavenging, though.

Metro Exodus story – What’s it about?

Set during the year 2036 following Metro: Last Light’s ‘Redemption’ ending, Exodus follows Artyom as he travels across Moscow in search of a new life. But he isn’t alone, joined by his wife, Anna, and a number of fellow survivors. Their journey will be treacherous, starting in the midst of a nuclear winter as you cower in the metro tunnels.

A recent report by Game Informer shed some light on how the world of Exodus will operate. The narrative begins in the Metro but will soon venture into the frozen wilds of post-apocalyptic Russia. It’s not open-world like Fallout 4, but instead a series of large sandboxes driven by exploration and linear missions. Once you leave an area, you can’t return, so make sure to finish up side quests before moving on.

Metro Exodus trailer – How does it look?

First showcased during Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference, Metro Exodus received an impressive gameplay demonstration running on Xbox One X. Check it out below:

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Next up we have a trailer from The Game Awards 2017!

4A Games are almost certainly onto another winner here, and we can’t wait. Hope about you? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.