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Meters Music has launched with the perfect headphones for audio geeks


Meters Music OV-1

A new audio brand has just landed – and looks set to tickle the parts that audiophiles find most sensitive. Meters Music’s new line-up includes headphones with actual VU meters set into the earcups…

Meters Music may be all new, but it’s the creation of long-established Ashdown Engineering, known in pro audio circles for its studio amps. Don’t expect any half-measures in the design of this new consumer kit.

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Most striking of the new Meters Music products is obviously the gloriously bonkers OV-1 over-ear headphones with the VU meters in the sides to show the levels in real time. Yes, they actually work. You didn’t think they were just for show, did you? The OV-1 also have active noise cancelling built in, and there’s a wireless Bluetooth pair, the Meters Music OV-B, also on the way.

The OV-1 are available to pre-order now and will cost £279. The £49.99 in-ear M-Ears can also be pre-ordered, as can the rather cute £149 Meters Cubed Bluetooth speaker system.

Meters Music 3

Meters Music

Paul Norris

December 5, 2016, 1:13 pm

With free optical extenders so that you can actually see the meters on the side of your head - brilliant, more stuff you never knew you needed.

What next a - a car with a petrol gauge in the boot or a speedo on the roof. It's not the 1st April is it and I have missed Xmas again - Doh

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