Meet Razer Lancehead, the ‘world’s most advanced’ gaming mouse

Razer has unveiled what it claims is the world’s most advanced gaming mouse, in a bid to capture the top end of an increasingly crammed market.

The Razer Lancehead is the company’s latest flagship mouse, and seems to be positioned as a successor to the Razer Mamba. Like the Mamba, the Lancehead comes in a more expensive wireless model, or a cheaper wired ‘Tournament Edition’ version. But unlike the Mamba, both the Lancehead and Lancehead TE are designed to be ambidextrous – a major win for lefty gamers everywhere.

However, a Razer spokesperson has confirmed to TrustedReviews that the Razer Mamba isn’t being killed off, so if you’d prefer a Mamba, you’ll still have that option.

So exactly how advanced is the Razer Lancehead? Well it features a 5G laser sensor that offers 16,000 DPI – that’s the metric for measuring mouse sensitivity, and dictates how twitchy your cursor will be. Unless you’re running multiple 4K monitors, 16,000 DPI is arguably overkill, but an on-the-fly DPI switcher lets you bring this down to something more manageable.

razer lancehead

This sensor is also capable of tracking mouse acceleration of up to 210 inches per second. On the Tournament Edition, this increases to a much more impressive 450 inches per second, despite being the cheaper option.

The other big improvement from the Mamba is the introduction of onboard memory. This lets you save all your favourite settings through Razer’s Synapse software directly to the mouse, so you can plug in and play wherever you like. This might not win over casual gamers, but it’s a major boon to esports players or anyone who regularly uses their gaming mouse on multiple systems.

As with most high-end gaming mice, you get plenty of extra features too. For instance, the Lancehead offers adaptive frequency technology that attempts to ensure you’re operating on the best wireless frequently at any given time. You’re also getting a 1,000Hz polling rate – that’s how many times per second the mouse reports its position to the computer – which is par for the course for top-end mice. And to top it all off, the mouse switches are mechanical, and all nine buttons are reprogrammable too.

razer lancehead

And just like most of Razer’s gaming gear, the Lancehead comes kitted with Chroma lighting, which is controlled using the Synapse software. You can set the lighting on the mouse to any one of 16.8 million colours, and there are plenty of different lighting modes on offer too – like breathing or spectrum, for example.

The Lancehead is marginally heavier (by seven grams) than the Lancehead Tournament Edition, but both come with a 2.1-metre braided fibre cable.

Razer is selling the Lancehead for £139.99/$139.99/€149.99 starting from May/June, and you can already place pre-orders online. You can get the Lancehead Tournament Edition from £79.99/$79.99/€89.99 online, with a worldwide release scheduled for April/May.

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