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MeeGo Engineer Calls Out Nokia CEO

David Gilbert


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Nokia launched what will be its only MeeGo device yesterday, the N9 and on the same day, a senior software engineer at Nokia has called out CEO Stephen Elop on his decision to dump the platform.

In his personal blog, entitled "My disagreement with Elop on MeeGo", Felipe Contreras, outlines how some time ago he received an email from Elop which was addressed to him alone. In the email, Elop said the main reason why he was dumping MeeGo was “the small amount of MeeGo devices [available] in the years immediately ahead.” Contreras, who works on the hardware adoption of MeeGo, believes this is simply not true. Contreras goes on to say that no one he knows believes what Elop says, adding: “Let’s keep in mind that Elop is not an expert in this area, we are.” Contreras point is that Nokia could have shipped a dozen MeeGo devices based on the OMAP 3 platform, which the N9 uses, having to tweak the software very little, if at all. Contreras said that if Nokia wanted to use three different hardware platforms then it would require some work from the hardware adoption team but that would then allow Nokia to produce a lot more handsets.

Nokia N9 Meego

Talking about the decision to adopt Windows Phone as the main software partner, Contreras points out that WP only supports one hardware platform, Qualcomm's Snapdragon, and only certain chips on that platform. In a previous post Contreras talked about how easy it was to port MeeGo to different device and showed examples of people doing it. Having responded to Elop’s email, Contreras received a reply from the CEO which simply said: “I am simply going to choose to respectfully disagree on multiple fronts” – without actually mentioning what those reasons were. The decision to dump MeeGo without ever having given it a chance to prove what it could do is certainly a strange one from Nokia’s point of view. Surely two viable operating systems would be better than one and it leads us to question whether Nokia were forced to stick solely to WP as part of the Microsoft deal.

Nokia has of course also dumped Symbian, announcing today its has finalised the hand over of Symbian development and support (and 2,800 jobs) to Accenture. There is no doubt a lot of frustration around Espoo at the moment among software engineers and Contreras is only one of those annoyed at the radical changes at Nokia in recent months.

Source: Felipe Contreras blog

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